Re-transplant to the Midwest (Great Plains to be uber-geo-technical!). I originally grew up in South Dakota–moved to Arizona (see below)–and now reside in Kansas in a little town right outside of Wichita. Little town living, with big city doings!

I previously taught in a very traditional setting (see below). I am embarking on a new endeavor (for me). I have been teaching at a charter high school that believes in non-traditional approaches to education. We use project based learning, an emphasis on 21st century skills, and Web 2.0 tools to help students who cannot or do not want to attend a traditional school setting. We mix virtual learning with real time support and face-to-face learning.

I am excited!


High School Advisor/Facilitator/Teacher/Mentor/Counselor

I teach at a small charter school in Kansas. We use Project Based Learning (PBL) to guide students through their high school experience.


High School teacher in Southwestern Arizona.

The 2008-2009 school year was my sixth year teaching. I taught a combined AP US history/Honors American Literature class & an AP US Government class. This combined two of my passions into one! My students found it to be an intriguing class and wished they had more like it.

Love to: Spend time with my daughters, read, write, watch movies, and listen to all kinds of music.

Hate to: GRADE papers!

Wish for: A summer vacation that lasts three whole months and that I can spend abroad.

Want: To be compensated for what I am worth.

Need: Time, time, and more time.

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  1. Thank you for nominating my blog for the Best of Blogs 2006. I am both astonished and honored.

  2. VWB

    thought you would like to see this
    (I also maintain a blogger version–easier but doesn’t always get thru firewall!) Anyway…I do enjoy your posts!

  3. I did my student teaching in north east Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. Arizona sure has plenty to see. Thanks for stopping by my education blog; it provided a connection to yours, a site that I am enjoying.